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  • Three Keys to a Healthy Relationship

    Married? Single? Dating? Wherever you’re at in your relationship, God’s given us wisdom to help.

  • You in Five Years Financially

    Are you working for money or is your money working for you? Are you telling your money where to do or are you wondering where it went?

  • You in Five Years Spiritually

    Who you are spiritually is the most important part of your life. If the Devil can’t destroy you he’ll just distract you. A rich relationship with God comes from a relentless focus on God.

  • You in Five Years

    The Principal of the Path. Where do you want to be in five years? In this series, we’ll talk about how to get there.

  • He Shall Be Called Prince of Peace

    Prayer is the language of peace. Settling for situational peace is putting a band-aid on a bullet hole.

  • He Shall Be Called Everlasting Father

    Oftentimes our earthly fathers keep us from experiencing our Heavenly Father. Religion says you must please God, the gospel says God is pleased with you.

  • He Shall Be Called Mighty God

    Scripture tells us to be careful where we put our might and depend on the might of our Heavenly Father. We need to understand that God is always more concerned with what He’s doing in you than what He’s doing through you.

  • He Shall Be Called Wonderful Counselor

    The message of Christmas is that the darkness does not win. We need to understand that the One called Wonderful Counselor can’t heal who you are pretending to be.

  • Fools Gold: Live Selfishly Give Generously

    The sum of our life’s achievements will likely be forgotten within a few years of our death. The best way you can spend this life is preparing for the next one. Leaving a legacy means investing more in people than you do in things.

  • Fools Gold: Generosity Changes the World

    Stinginess is not a Biblical virtue. The average non-religious person gives 2 percent of their income to charity, while the average Christian gives 3 percent. If you won’t give in your lack you won’t give in your abundance.

  • Fools Gold: Make a Difference

    God has a plan for you to make a difference. What gets in the way of us making that difference? Join us with this special message as we discover why when you’re trying to make a difference and pray for a tree, God will give you a seed.

  • Fools Gold: Spontaneous Generosity

    From our series “Fools Gold.” For more information visit

  • Impossible Faith

    What’s the most faith filled thing you’ve ever done? Faith is believing in the present what you’ll only experience in the future. Join us with this special message as we discover that living by faith means being led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Praying the Impossible

    There are things God wants to do in your life and in the world that will not be done if you won’t pray. Alignment with God’s priorities creates alignment with God’s resources. Join us with this special message as we discover if God were to answer every prayer of your heart right now, would anyone’s life change besides your own.