Series: Lemons

Digesting Lemons

| March 18, 2018

Isn’t it strange how the things we most want to forget we always remember? The lemons of life have a way of marking us in profound ways. They have a way of shaping us so that even after the situation is over, we’re still carrying them with us. Join us for the concluding message in our “Lemons” series as we finish our study in the life of Joseph and find a way forward through the pain.

Passage: Genesis 50:20



| March 11, 2018

Did you know lemons can clean dirty clothes, restore the shine to silverware, and help reduce hunger? When you study lemons it's amazing how useful they actually are, and the same is true of the lemons in our lives. Join us for week two in our series "Lemons."

Passage: Genesis 41:28-36


Lemon God

| March 4, 2018

Why do bad things happen to good people? It’s an age old question and one that keeps so many people from committing to a life of faith in God. What’s interesting is the Bible doesn’t spend a lot of time trying to explain where evil came from, but it spends a whole lot of time telling us what God is doing about it. Join us for this kickoff to our message series “Lemons” where we’re exploring the problem of evil through the story of Joseph.

Passage: Genesis 39